Month: March 2018

Fábrica de Sabão promotes recreational activity with reference to the month of March

During the month of March, Fábrica de Sabão joins to the local community to promote equality, justice and women’s rights by organizing a series of recreational activities.

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Fábrica de Sabão promotes recreational activity with reference to the month of March

With reference to International Women’s Day, Fábrica de Sabão joins to the local community to promote equality, justice and women’s rights by organizing a series of recreational and informational activities throughout the month of March.

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International Women’s Day

Innovation, emancipation and creative expression are at the center of the agenda at Fábrica de Sabão´s on International Women´s Day.

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The public is invited to participate in a month-long celebration that pays tribute to Angolan women and the important role they play in the country’s socioeconomic development

Luanda, Angola, 8 March 2018 – This International Women’s Day, Fábrica de Sabão will join the global community in efforts to promote greater women’s equality, justice and rights by hosting a series of creative and informative activities throughout the month of March. Designed to underscore the important role Angolan women play in the country’s socioeconomic transformation, the program will feature a lineup of inspiring and innovative female artists and speakers. The public is invited to participate in the month-long celebration of women’s equality and rights to artistic expression, job opportunity, health and wellbeing and economic empowerment.

Commenting on the event, Manuela Ganga, Managing Director, Fábrica de Sabão, said: “Gender equality and inclusivity are key in order for developing nations to sustain widespread socioeconomic transformation. In Angola, women are actively engaged in all forms of enterprise, particularly in the informal sector, but their potential is yet to be fully realized. This is where hubs like Fábrica de Sabão can play a role in effecting a positive cycle of change. The hub has an exemplary network of women who are spearheading a number of creative platforms that encourage innovation and enterprise amongst Angolan women and young girls. This International Women’s Day, we have collaborated with many progressive Angolan women to lead activities that teach women of their natural right to inspire, create and innovate.”

Fábrica de Sabão, Angola’s first-of-its-kind hybrid innovation hub, was founded on the principle that innovation is for everyone. Comprising of five main pillars – Co-working space, Incubator, Accelerator, MakerSpace and Cultural Connector – the hub aspires to leapfrog education challenges and drive socioeconomic inclusion, offering opportunities for all Angolans regardless of gender or economic standing.

Fábrica de Sabão, is bridging the gaps between the formal and informal sector by training young Angolans from the surrounding communities into makers. The hub is fiercely focused on launching a new generation of ‘Made in Angola’ entrepreneurs in the creative, technology and niche manufacturing sectors. The hub has a vibrant community of women who are encouraged to improve their entrepreneurial skills and to independently run their own businesses. One of the prominent women-led platforms is the MakerMulheres, an extension of the hub’s MakerSpace, where women make and sell African-inspired jewelry, clothing, carpets and other creative products using recycled materials. The Dibaka incubator program at the hub is led by an Angolan woman whose role is to mentor and guide aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Throughout the month of March, the public is invited to join the vibrant community at Fábrica de Sabão and showcase their support women in Angola and across the globe.

The women’s month kicked off last week with poetry recitals in tribute of the famed Angolan writer, Iracema Cordeiro. Held in collaboration with Fundação Arte e Cultura, the tribute centered on her poignant work, ‘Poemas D’ Coraçao’.  The recitals also featured a powerful line-up of new generation poets including Perivaldo the Poet, Poet Katumbila, Poet Ninguém and Poet Suburbano. Musical compositions by artistes Kamane Silva, Mano Muzemba, Mas Guxi, Silvania Marisa, Truece Flow as well as Fundaçao’s ‘House of Music’ completed the atmosphere.

Upcoming activities will include a photography exhibition by artists Lwiana de Almeida and Kenned Flautas Negras, more poetry recitals in partnership with Movimento Lev’Art, panel discussions and talks on jobs and gender equality, a workshop to engage girls on manufacturing and technology professions, film screenings, breast cancer awareness talks, tree planting activities and Zumba sessions amongst others.

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