Our Vision

Based on the belief that innovation is for everyone, Fábrica de Sabão is a model innovation hub designed to leapfrog education challenges and drive socioeconomic inclusion and growth at all levels of society.

For this reason, the hub is located in the heart of the largest slum in Angola, with some 800,000 people and a population density of 23,000 people per square kilometer. The hub aims to narrow the gap between the formal and informal economy by encouraging needs-based innovation.

Ultimately, Fábrica de Sabão is a place to foster creative-led enterprise. From nurturing young African startups to supporting niche urban manufacturing, the hub will bring together experts and mentors from around the world to share knowledge, harness creative ideas into tangible outcomes and help launch sustainable businesses in Angola.

The Story

Where once stood an abandoned soap factory now stands an emerging vibrant hub for sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship in Angola. Fábrica de Sabão is an ecosystem that aims to attract creative minds in arts, culture, craftsmanship, business and science to educate, train and mentor youth.

Fábrica de Sabão is a hybrid of an incubator and accelerator hub, co-working space and MakerSpace. It is also a cultural connector where creative explorations can thrive. Very soon, it will have its own local radio station and a residence program for visiting mentors and artists.

It is a hub to connect, learn, create and grow – a place for creative and sustainable social change.