Carla Francisco Aguiar

My name is Carla Francisco Aguiar, I am 26 years old and I live with my parents. Before I came to know about Fábrica de Sabão, I had a very complicated life. I was not working and I spent my life looking for a job,but could not find one. Many times, I cried because I did not have anything to help my family with. Since I take care of my daughter alone and could not get a job, my daughter sometimes had to be without diapers.

I therefore reflected a lot on life, I thought about what to do to find a way out of this maze that consumed my life. Because I knew how to take care of my hair, I then started braiding my neighbours’ hair, and charged some money for it. That is the only way I could provide for my daughter. However, it was no solution in the truest sense of the word. What my neighbours paid me for braiding their hair was still not enough, it was almost nothing … I was still living in the worst moments of my life.

The “green light” came on July 18, 2016 – this date will never leave my head! It is the date when I started my journey with Fábrica de Sabão.

I had my first contact with Fábrica de Sabão on July the 18th through an aunt. She told me that Fábrica was giving courses. The next day, I went there and spoke with the person in charge, who was Sorge, so that I could also take part in the course, from there I started the Computer Science course.

Fábrica de Sabão for me represents the solution to my problems, because it is my first job and allows me to help my family.

What interests me the most at Fábrica de Sabão is the Kamba Space, the first time I saw it, I loved it a lot as it is one of the most beautiful spaces at Fábrica! I’m not saying this because I work there, but because I find the space very interesting.

I have learned many things at Fábrica, starting with the computer room, I learned how to work with computers, and today, I already know how to do schoolwork, business cards, and other things. At lunchtime, I go to the MakerMulheres to learn a little about what they do.

Since I started working at Fábrica de Sabão, a lot in my life has changed. Today, I expect nothing from anyone to give to me or my daughter. Before I depended on my parents, but now I depend on me. Thank God that today I have a good job, which has changed my life for the better. God is wonderful …

The things I gained at Fábrica de Sabão are countless. First of all, I have a very good boss, excellent colleagues and most of all I am thankful for being the manager of the Kamba Space where I gained my work experience.

My main memories at Fábrica de Sabão are centered in the IT room and the Angolan Company for Project Development (EADP) … I’ve met people full of talent in these rooms.

Now, my life is good, because I have a salary and I can take better care of my daughter. I don’t cry anymore, nor do I think enough about the difficulty of life, because every month I have money to take good care of my firstborn.


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