Month-long activities to Inspire Young Angolans to Unleash Their Creativity, Develop Skills and Pursue Real Opportunities in Cazenga


Luanda, Angola, Tuesday, 03 October 2017 – Fábrica de Sabão and the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) come together in October to celebrate Innovation Month in Angola. With an aim to foster the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of innovation, the Hub will feature multiple interdisciplinary events where the country’s entrepreneurship stakeholders, young students and innovation enthusiasts will share and celebrate their innovative ideas. The entire month of October is dedicated to showcasing the many innovative and entrepreneurial ideas emerging from Angola.

Reiterating the Hubs commitment to innovation, Manuela Ganga, Managing Director, Fábrica de Sabão, said: “We are excited to launch Innovation Month in collaboration with AIF and to celebrate the month- long activities with innovation enthusiasts in Angola. It is an opportunity for people to inspire, create and innovate new ideas that could drive needs-based innovation and support niche, Made-in-Angola enterprises.”

Innovation Month is a platform for Angola’s innovation enablers to connect with the local community and emphasize the importance of innovation and collaboration. Since opening its doors in 2015, Fábrica de Sabão has become synonymous with a place that fosters creative-led enterprise in Cazenga. The month-long activities will feature collaborative workshops, open installations and events led by innovators in the fields of design, media and culture. Artists, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, and investors are all welcome.

Enthusiastic about the Innovation Month, Walter Fust, Chairman, Africa Innovation Foundation, commented, “We are excited to partner with Fábrica de Sabão to celebrate October as the Innovation Month. We have planned various activities that we believe will create value for local entrepreneurs, innovators and young enablers.  Our goal is to remain the key partner of Fábrica de Sabão for all innovation-related activities and to host more of these activities beyond October, which brings together local innovators to explore, create, exchange, connect and collaborate.”

In June 2017, Fábrica de Sabão and the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) hosted the first edition of INOVEM, aimed at highlighting key opportunities in driving innovation-led entrepreneurship in Angola. AIF projects are aimed at releasing untapped potential in Africa, and at stimulating African innovative ideas and perspectives in emerging industries & diverse disciplines around the world as well as providing platforms to strength African innovation ecosystems.

Find out more by visiting http://www.fabricadesabao.co.ao/en/the-events/

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