Youth and adults alike enjoyed a full day of activities aimed at promoting social inclusion and new opportunities for Angolans


Luanda, Angola 27 May 2017 – Fábrica de Sabão welcomed the local community onto its grounds during its second Open Day dedicated to youth, education and culture. Guests and visitors were treated to an exciting mix of activities such as exhibitions from local artists, Patricio Mawete and António Etona, workshops on journalism and a range of social activities including aerobics, capoeira, Zumba and friendly football matches. Additionally, there were presentations by Zola Vida (“Contemplating the Invisible”), Lusael (a construction project), Dibaka Incubator (an incubator program) and Techno Society (a startup that develops electronic and computer science projects) amongst others.


Fábrica de Sabão is Angola’s first hybrid innovation hub that was designed with the belief that innovation is for everyone. Based on a model that incorporates five main pillars – Co-working space, Incubator, Accelerator, MakerSpace and Cultural Connector – the hub aspires to leapfrog education challenges and drive socioeconomic inclusion, offering opportunities for Angolans at all levels of society.


Manuela Ganga, Managing Director of the hub, commented, “Fábrica de Sabão serves the community by being an interactive center of entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation. It is a place where production and training come together with the common goal of sharing knowledge in order to create, innovate and inspire.”


Since its inception in July 2015, Fábrica de Sabão has made much progress in its development, with most of the spaces metamorphosing into hives of creative energy. In April this year, the hub introduced a ceramic atelier, which produces handmade pottery and crockery. In May, the hub launched FabricaStore, a showroom displaying the range of products made at Fábrica de Sabão including furniture, decoration items, pottery, jewelry, soft furnishing and clothing. In the more immediate pipeline, the hub will have its own radio station and residence program, multi-purpose sports field and events area.


As the country’s first hub of its kind, Fábrica de Sabão was built to provide Angolans with an innovation-led environment that fosters the spirit of creativity, learning and growing

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