Flaviana M. Mundanga

Name: Flaviana M. Mundanga

Age: 20 years old

How long have you worked at Fábrica de Sabão and what do you like the most?

I have worked at Fábrica de Sabão for 4 months. The Juice Bar is what I like the most.

Fábrica has several spaces, which one do you like the most?

The spaces that I like the most are: MakerMulheres and the Juice Bar.

What would be the trip of your dreams?

The trip of my dreams would be to go to France.

Favorite dish?

My favorite dish is bean stew.

If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would it be?

The mentor I would choose is Dina Simão.

Best escape from day-to-day stress?

My best escape from day-to-day stress is church.

What do you say to yourself when facing challenges at work?

Faced with the challenges I encounter at work, I tell myself to have patience because with it, everything will go well.

What has changed in the community with the opening of Fábrica de Sabão?

With the opening of Fábrica de Sabão, a lot has changed within the community. The crime rate has been lowered in the neighborhood and young people are coming to Fábrica de Sabão for classes and training sessions given by the African Innovation Foundation.