Orlando Carlos

Name: Orlando Carlos

Age: 38 years old

How long have you worked at Fábrica de Sabão and what do you like the most?

I have worked at Fábrica de Sabão since April 2017. The Juice Bar is what I like the most.

Fábrica has several spaces, which one do you like the most?

The space that I like most is the MakerSpace, because it makes us Angolans believe that we can, and are able to manufacture and not just buy what is already produced.

What would be the trip of your dreams?

The trip of my dreams would be to go to Miami, Florida.

Favorite dish?

Any dish, as long as it is with seafood or sushi.

If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would it be?

Without thinking twice, I would choose Barack Obama. As he had Nelson Mandela as a mentor, I would choose him because he also showed the world that he has more love to give than to receive, something that hardly happens in the diplomatic world.

Best escape from day-to-day stress?

Biblical readings because it makes me understand that everything I’ve been through in my day-to-day life is no surprise, it’s all written in the Bible and it gives me courage to face my problems.

What do you say to yourself when facing challenges at work?

I am at work because I have to do it and do it well …  With love, because everything that is done with love always comes out well. Especially because I deal with food and cooking food without love never works well.

What has changed in the community with the opening of Fábrica de Sabão?

With the opening of Fábrica de Sabão, a lot has already changed in this community. With Fábrica de Sabão it’s a “yes we can” for the community.