The Story of Eduardo

Eduardo António is a 14-year-old boy who lives in the municipality of Cazenga with his parents.

When he was younger, Eduardo dreamed of going to a foreign country, in particular the United States of America, where he planned to study and have the opportunity to attend spaces designed to develop his technological skills. However, this did not happen due to the financial difficulties of paying for studies abroad.

From Dreams to Reality

At age 12, Eduardo discovered Fábrica de Sabão through his brother who was already part of the team.

Being Fábrica de Sabão, a place where innovation, creativity, transformation and entrepreneurship thrives, Eduardo obtained the tools to create and began to develop his techniques.

Since then, Eduardo started to participate in various courses such as computing, sketch-up and electronics. Later, he began to learn locksmithing, carpentry, architecture and hardware in the Makerspace – the workshop in Fábrica de Sabão, where materials such as iron, wood and plastic are worked. Little by little, the ideas in Eduardo’s mind become clearer and the young man gained more knowledge and discipline. His dreams started becoming true.

The Inspiration

In this two-year journey, two facts strongly marked Eduardo. First, in 2016, the presence of two Dutch professionals at Fábrica who taught him many techniques, and with whom he developed his knowledge in computer science, architecture and English. Second, in 2017, a Spanish couple’s visit who shared their techniques with Eduardo and the other graduates. These techniques consisted of welding, painting and transforming scrap, stones and wood residues into contemporary sculptures that are both unique and sustainable

The Trip

Due to his commitment and dedication, in 2018, Eduardo was chosen by the Spanish artists for a three-month internship in Spain. During his stay, Eduardo will have the opportunity to deepen his technical-artistic skills, learn a different reality and culture, and upon his return, share that knowledge with the rest of his group of trainees.

The internship consists of actively participating in the artistic season of the Spanish couple in its various stages, from the collection of materials, the process of idealization of the work, the production of the pieces including painting and the assembly of the exhibition and sale in specialized craft markets.


To carry out this trip, we will have the support of:

– Turtle Management SA, which dealt with Eduardo’s passport and travel insurance.

– The Embassy of Spain, which supported with the issuance of the Schengen visa.

– The artists Oscar and Clara Gallizia, who will provide lodging, food and accompaniment.

– Djembe Communications SA, which will follow up and spread the story on social media

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